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Some of the things I’ll be writing about:

  • Life extension economics, psychology, and culture

  • Why we should be accelerating technology, including AI

  • Transhumanism – perspectives on its history and development, responses to anti-transhumanists

  • Risk and decision making under uncertainty

  • Biostasis/cryonics

  • Critical commentary on the Singularity and panic over an AI takeover.

  • Positive takes on the future

  • Commentary on economic policy especially as it relates to growth, freedom, and technological innovation

  • Healthcare policy

  • Philosophy, especially around future-related topics

  • Critical perspectives on energy and environmental and resource issues

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Improving the human future: Philosophical and economic perspectives on life extension, biostasis, risk and decision making, applying the Proactionary Principle, positive views of the future, against fearmongering, and future-positive ideas.


Max More

Director of Communications at Biostasis Technologies, author of the Proactionary Principle, co-editor of The Transhumanist Reader.